AMER en Irlande


This Franco-Belgian import has been causing quite a stir on the international festival circuit, and rightfully so: it’s a supremely confident nu-giallo that plays like a love letter to the master himself, Dario Argento – and is arguably a finer Argento flick than the ones Dario himself has been producing of late. Don’t mistake Amer for mere pastiche, however: working on a minimal budget, filmmakers Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet have crafted a sensual, stylistic tour-de-force, a tale of obsession and, of course, black-gloved murder played over three different periods in the life of a haunted young woman, played at various ages by Cassandra Fosset, Charlotte Eugene-Guibbaud and Marie Bos. Virtually dialogue-free, Amer is bold, bloody and enigmatic to a fault, offering any number of sublime (and subliminal) pleasures, from the expressionistic cinematography and deeply immersive sound design to the pitch-perfect vintage giallo soundtrack. Horrorthon loves Amer, and hopes that you do, too.

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